Listen the losers around you.

Posted: September 20, 2007 in marathon training

The biggest obstacles in preparation for your marathon is discouragement. The people around you, work mates, neighbours and even family members might not be supportive of your plan to run a marathon. Yesterday I met two runners a lady and a man on my training track and I approached them in the spirit of comradeship to exchanges ideas. They told me they are aspiring professioanl runners and I generously told them I intend to run the coming Nairobi Marathon. As soon as I told them I intend to run the full marathon, they started discouraging me,  telling me how difficult a full marathon is and I had no chance to finish.

I could not understand how someone who aspires to be a professional runner could be this negative to a fellow athlete. I was not going to let them put me down. I told them this was not my first marathon and I gave them my time for last years marathon. They shut up.

You have met such people who only try to discourage you. This are the losers in life. Losers in life only see things as difficult, impossible and they dont see the need to try. To be a winner you have to think and act like winners. Believe in your self, act on your ideas and believe in endless possibilities.


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