About Constantine

Hello, I’m Constantine Njeru and welcome to my website! I am 27 years old guy from Kenya, Yes! That country of long distance marathon runners, Paul Tergat & Catherine Ndereba the great. Am not a Professional runner but a running fanatic like you.

My running goal? to better Lance Armstrong running time of 2 hrs 46 minutes(2007 New York Marathon). Join me in my experiment to see whether an ordinary guy can beat the fittest athlete at his own game. My current personal best? 3 hrs 6 minutes (2007 Nairobi Marathon). 

I hope this site will give visitors an opportunity to find out a bit more about me and to interact with other like-minded running fans. You’ll be able to find out more about what I’m up to and how my annual training for Nairobi Marathon is going. I will share with you my valuable lessons from marathon running. And better still, I will share with you the running secrets of Kenyan runners. 

I’ll be on this website daily, so feel free to leave comments after reading the articles and I’ll be sure to read them. This site is for all the athletics fans who share my passion for marathon running. So I hope you’ll enjoy using this site as much as I will.

  1. runnerRalph says:

    I’ve been running for almost six years now, started when i was 60 (oh, those young days!) and have run about 21 marathons, with a first time (Honolulu, 2002) of 7:04 and a PR (Chicago, 2006) of 4:04. I, too, believe i can run a lot faster if i could just stay on a real training plan. I’ll be reading this site to learn how Kenyans do it. Good work on setting it up.

  2. tom says:

    Hi Constantine. Nice to come across your blog. Good luck with your goal. That will be an incredible accomplishment.

    I’ll look forward to following your progress.

    Check out http://www.runnerslounge.com

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