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Daily Inspiring Message

Posted: October 31, 2007 in Inspiring Message

When the meal was over we all had a quiet rest in our rooms and I meditated on the race. This is the time when an athlete feels all alone in the big world. Opponents assume tremendous stature. Any runner who denies having fears, nerves or some kind of disposition is a bad athlete, or a liar.
Gordon Pirie

On Sunday morning before the start of 2007 Standard Chartered marathon I was anxious, nervous I even went to the loos twice, the second time it was a false call. In a marathon anything can happen and you worry will you make it, will I get an injury. Your brain is in a spin. To calm down I spent time chatting with other runners.

Before a race, feafull thoughts are forever with us and you just have to learn how to manage fear. You cant eliminate fear 100% but you can control it. Talk with other runners, jog around and visit the loo.


For a demonstration to make an impact you need a large crowd to turn up. Organizers of a protest in Turkey took full advantage of the mammoth crowd of marathon runners at Istanbul marathon on Sunday 28 October. They hijacked the Istanbul marathon to show support for the Turkish government tough stand against outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)


Thousands of runners waved Turkish flags and shouted slogans denouncing the PKK in the Istanbul Marathon. “Down with the PKK,” “every Turk is born a soldier” and “martyrs never die, the country will never the divided,” they shouted. More than 100,000 people joined the run, according to İstanbul Mayor Kadir Topba.


Back to the racing business, Kenyan athlete David Emanuel Cheruiyot won the 29th Istanbul  Marathon with a racecourse record. By surpassing last year’s winner Lithuanian Mindaguas Pukstas’ record, 2.12.52, Cheruiyot broke a new record by finishing the race in 2 hours 10 minutes and 56 seconds.


 Another Kenyan athlete, Mark Windot Yatich, came in second with his time of 2.11.02, while Ethiopian Tariku Jufar was third with 2.11.04. The male and female winners of the marathon each won $60,000. As the Kenyan athlete Cheruiyot broke the racecourse record, he was given an extra $170,000.

Today In Sporting History

Posted: October 31, 2007 in Today in history

In 1908, 4th Olympic games end in London. They will return in 2012 when london once again host the olympic family.

In 1983, Ron Grant completes a 217 day, 8,316 mile run around Australia.

In 1987, A pair in Coventry, England ties the world record for the longest singles tennis match at 80 hrs 21 minutes.

In 1993, 25 people killed during Ghana-Ivory Coast soccer match. A good examples of what happens our passion for sports gets out of hand.

Daily Inspiring Message

Posted: October 30, 2007 in Inspiring Message

I prefer to remain in blissful ignorance of the opposition. That way I’m not frightened by anyone’s reputation
Ian Thompson, who ran a 2:09.12 marathon at the 1974 Commonwealth Games

Sometimes its better not to know what your opponent is capable of doing.

A good example is Tiger Woods, 60% of his winnings is down to the fear factor. When playing against Tiger, many of his opponents are too nervous to concentrate on their own game, they end up cracking in the final round.

The Quest for a share of $1,000,000 will continue in New York Marathon. The World Marathon Major Prize money is divided $500,000 for men and women. The top five men and women finishers at the Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, New York, World Championships and Olympic Marathons  earn points in a two-year series to crown the World Marathon Majors champion.

Robert Cheruiyot of Kenya placed fourth inChicago marathon, though that will not impact his position at the top of the 2006-7 World Marathon Major standings.

Cheruiyot is in an unassailable position and is assured of claiming the $500,000 prize once the series concludes in New York on November 4.

Gete Wami of Ethiopia, winner of Berlins marathon leads women’s World Marathon Majors standings. Berhane Adere’s stunning victory at Chicago Marathon boosted her into second position alongside Jelena Prokopcuka. Catherine Ndereba will be running in New York and she might act as a spoiler. For women its too close to tell the winner.

Men leaderboard

  1. Robert Cheruiyot,  Kenya – 80 Points
  2. Haile Gerbresellasie, Ethiopia – 50 points
  3. Martin Lel, Kenya – 40 Points
  4. Fredrick Limo, Kenya – 35 Points
  5. Stanley Kiogora, Kenya – 25 Points

Women leaderboard

  1. Gete Wami, Ethiopia – 65 Points
  2. J. Prokopcuka Latvia – 55 Points
  3. Bernadette Adere, Ethiopia – 55 Points
  4. Chunxiu Zhou, China – 40 Points
  5. Rita  Jeptoo, Kenya – 35 Points
  6. Catherine Ndereba, Kenya – 35 Points

Today In Sporting History

Posted: October 30, 2007 in Today in history

In 1922, Anxious to compete with the Yankees, the NY Giants pay $65,000 and 3 players for Jack Bentley

In 1956, Dodgers sell Ebbets Field to a real estate group. They agree to stay until 1959, with an option to stay until 1961

In 1974, Muhammad Ali KOs George Foreman in 8th round in Kinshasa, Zaire. Ali was an ageing boxer against a younger Foreman to prepare for the fight he focused on endurance. In the early rounds he received punches from the agile foreman. By round eight foreman was tired, then Ali struck to win. The fight was billed as “Rumble In the Jungle” fully promoted by the then Zaire Dictator Mobutu Sese Seko.

In 1975, John Bucyk, of Boston, became 7th NHLer to score 500 goals.

In 1988, 2 gambling clubs & 1 player share $61.38 Million California lotto jackpot.

In 1988, NY Jets finally beat Pittsburgh Steelers for 1st time

Today in Sporting History

Posted: October 29, 2007 in Today in history

In 1960, Muhammad Ali’s then known as Cassius Clay’s 1st professional fight, beats Tunney Hunsaker in 6 rounds

In 1979, Billy Martin fired as Yankee manager for the 2nd time.

In 1986,  Baseballs Padres pitcher LaMarr Hoyt is arrested at US-Mexico border for drugs

In 1987, Thomas Hearns wins unprecidented 4th different weight boxing title