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One of the most critical aspects of a successful marathon is running at the correct pace. Start too fast, then you hit the wall and will be lucky to finish. Start too slow, then you might see the finish line, but will always be left wondering how much better race you could have run. So where is the happy medium, that elusive perfect pace?

The 10 x 800 Workout

One of the best marathon running tips I know is the 10 x 800 training workout. You can use this method to evaluate your overall running fitness and determine the optimum marathon pace for you to run at. Try this workout, and you will soon discover just how good you can be.

Let’s say that you think you can run a 3:45 marathon. What you do is try running 800 meters on the track at at 3:45 (3 minute 45 second) pace. Then rest and recover for an equal amount of time ( 3m 45s). Repeat this run-rest interval nine more times for a total of ten cycles. It’s very simple!

If your goal is a 4 hour marathon, then pace your 800m repeats at 4:00 and rest for 4 minutes in between. The same formula works just as well for a 2:30 marathon or a 4:27 marathon. See how easy it is?

Determine Your Workout Pace

If you’re not sure what is the right pace to start at, then just take your best guess and start there. If you can’t keep up the same pace for all ten intervals, then you have to slow down and try again. If you have energy to spare after repeat number ten, then next time pick up the pace by 10 seconds or so.

Experiment until you arrive at the best pace that you can maintain consistently for all ten intervals. That’s your new marathon pace! Keep doing your workouts at that pace, right up until about two weeks before you run your marathon. Then you can run with confidence, knowing that you won’t hit the wall, or finish only half as well as you could.

Training For Other Distances

Thanks to some crazy mathematical quirk, this pace training technique works for the marathon, but don’t try to use it to determine your race pace for the 5k. It doesn’t work that way! However, you can still use the 10 x 800 workout to do your base training for other distances, because it’s a fantastic workout for any distance race.

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Making Marathon Eco Friendly

Posted: February 25, 2008 in marathon running

The going green movement seems to have caught up with marathons. Last weeks Tokyo marathon made effort to reduce the marathons impact on environment.

The ugly side of a marathons is the use of plastics that are littered everywhere. Although I have to say I find it fun to kick the empty water bottles that runners throw on the road.

The organisers of Tokyo marathon used the following ideas to make the marathon one of the most eco friendly events on the planet.

Use of Solar Energy

The PA system was powered using solar panels fitted on a truck. The 350 solar panels fitted on the truck can generate electricity to power two houses.

Use of Reusable plates.

At Nairobi marathon, runners are only served with free water but at Tokyo Marathon, free food is part of the deal! Thats sweet! Meals provided to participants were served on reusable plates, while sports drinks were served using paper cups.

Making the marathon green seems to have attracted green movement fanatics, like one spectator told the Japanese press “At other marathon events, paper cups and other kinds of garbage are often dropped on roads. I like this event because it’s ecologically conscious,” said a 70-year-old man from Yokohama

See the following Japanese website on how they are revolutionising how we run. DONT WORRY THE SITE IS IN ENGLISH.


Japan Pension Runners

Posted: February 23, 2008 in marathon running

I was looking at the results on last weekends Tokyo Marathon and one 4 hour runner said the greatest agony was not running in the cold weather but was the humiliation of being overtaken by Japenese pensioners!

“I thought I was doing quite well and then there’s some 70-year-old granny I’m just catching up to,” 33-year old bank employee, Jones said.

One runner who wasnt bothered by the pensioners was the winner, Switzerland’s Viktor Roethlin, who powered to victory in two hours, seven minutes and 23 seconds.

Japan has one of the highest life expectacies in the world, at 81 years of age. The number of people over 65 years of age is estimated at 25 million.

The promoters of Tokyo marathon dont just see them as part of 2 million spectators to cheer the marathon runners along Tokyo streets but potential marathon runners.

As our banker runner learnt, this old runners are no push overs. They will beat you in a young man’s game!

A Cure for Laziness

Posted: February 17, 2008 in marathon running

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Runners are Never Reasonable

Posted: February 13, 2008 in marathon running

Mike Huckabee has previously said  running has taught him the importance of planning, preparation and persistence.

Persistence is one virtue Mike has taken whole heartedly in the marathon race to be the Republican Presidential Nominee. I was watching Mike’s interview by Larry King on CNN and the marathon man vowed he wont quit the race inspite trailing John Mccain.

This was bad news to Mccain and the rest of Reblicans who hoped that Mike would be reasonable, see he has no chance and quit. But runners are never reasonable!

Being reasonable means assessing your chances of winning verses not winning. If our decision to run a marathon was based only on whether we can win or not non of us would ever run a marathon.

Every runner has his own motives for running, it could be to set a personal best, to cut weight or to raise money for charity. Some times our friends dont understand why we run, a good illustration of how the public views running is a scene from running movie, spirit of the marathon, As the six running heroes in the movie start running Chicago marathon someone in the crowd is shamelessly waving a sign that reads, “You’re all crazy.” of course we dont give a shit!


Its still good to see our marathon boy, Mike Huckabee, is still in the mix for the Republican ticket. In addition to fighting to win the Republican nomination Mike, has been training for April Boston marathon

He still got Glycogen in him

Having fallen behind the front runners I thought Super Tuesday was supposed to be the day Mike “Hit the wall.” Huckabee captured enough states Tuesday — at least five — to establish himself as a viable conservative alternative.

Mike has been running the campaign the same way we amateur runners run a marathon, alone with few resources. Mike is operating with a small staff and has been outspent by his rivals.

Although, Mike is a long shot to win the nomination, he reminds me of the inspiring post of the runner who broke her leg and crawled to the finish. NEVER SAY DIE!

“We’re going to continue to prove that even with limited resources but lots of heart, the presidency can belong to the people of this country.” Mike has vowed.

Flanked by his wife, Janet, Huckabee added: “We’re proving that we’re still on our feet and much to the amazement of many, we’re getting there, folks, we’re getting there.”

Its a long way to the Republican Convention in September and Mike will need all the motivation he can to make date with destiny. One way Mike can boost his morale is by breaking his personal best 4hrs 38 mins, on April 21st at Boston Marathon. Good Luck

Today morning I watched CNN world sports, the programme reported Haile Gebresalassie, the marathon wolrd record holder, is considering skipping Beijing Olympics marathon not for the 10,000 metres but due to the fear of pollution in China.

Runners fear of respiratory infections

We all know Chinese economy is booming, the massive investment has been the energy that has ensured the economy is firing all cylinders. The firing cylinders havent left behind a cloud of dirty smoke. Runners are now worried of respiratory infections.

Gebreselassie London Marathon Drop Out

Gebreselassie fear is based from his 2006 London marathon experience. If  you may remember, he dropped out of London Marathon due to chest pains that was caused by pollen infections. The great man suffers from an allergy of pollen. Funnily, Gebreselassie admitted it was only after he dropped from the london marathon that he remembered he had been warned a long time ago by his doctor about his pollen allergy.

In China runners will have to cope with some toxic gases such as sodium, carbonmonoxide and God knows what else.