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Boston Marathon Qualifying Time

Posted: December 10, 2007 in Boston Marathon

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Boston Marathon is the only major American marathon that requires a qualifying time. For many marathoners to qualify for Boston is a goal and achievement in itself.

I believe the organisers, Boston Athletic Association have a valid reason to demand a qualifying time. Runners have to brave the hilly New England terrain and unpredictable, sometimes brutal, weather.  

Its Hill, hill, hill and another hill

The course has four hills, the fourth hill is at the 21 mile mark, the point where most runners hit the wall. Fittingly, the hill is called Heartbreak Hill.

The course is now considered invalid for international records because the finish is substantially lower in elevation than the start.

Despite the challenge 20,000 brave runners every year attempt to conquer this marathon. Part of the attraction is, its the oldest marathon (1896) and the fact that if you can conquer Boston other marathons are a piece of cake.

500,000 Spectators

The locals do their best to make running happier if not easy for the runners. For the entire distance of the race, thousands of fans and well-wishers line up along the sides of the course to cheer the runners on, encourage them, if you feel thirsty they will provide free water and just incase you feel hungry they will feed you with snacks.

Hot Babes on the road

Every dude will love this, at the 13th mile mark , you find Hot babes from Local Wellesly College who cheer the runners on. They call it the “scream tunnel.”