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Week 1 Review

Posted: September 2, 2007 in marathon training, report card

 The standard cahrtered marathon is two months away. My training is in high drive. Let me publish my report card. My goals at the begining of the week were.

1. Strength training three times in the week. This icludes push ups and pull ups.

2. Stretching exercises, daily.

3. Frog jumping one lap around a track every two days.

On strength training I give myself a C I only did it once. On stretching I give myself a D. Some how I forgot to do something that is so important. On Frog jumping I give myself a B I only missed once.

Progress report.

My ankles and knees are getting stronger. The frog jumps have really helped. When I started I only did a small distance before I stopped. Now am able to do a long distance without rest. The purpose of the frog jumps is to build endurance on my leg muscles.  

Next week goals.

1. Strength training three times in the week.

2. Stretching on daily basis.

3. 3 mile morning runs, three times in the week

4. Do a 13mile run on the last day of the week.