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The empire state bulding run up is 86 flights and 1,576 steps. This year’s stair case running is next week and Suzy Walsham of Australia and Thomas Dold of Germany, the women’s and men’s winners a year ago in 13:12 and 10:25, respectively, are back to defend their titles.

How do you prepare to run up 1,500+ star?

According to an article on runners world Suzy is training for this race by climbing stairs in her 12-story condo in Singapore.

I first learnt of Dold in  an article in Readers digest where he was named as a hero. Unlike Suzy, Dold lives in a two story building. He is a member of German mountain running team. There is no  better way to prepare to run vertical than running up mountains.

250 competitors from 17 different countries will fight it out for the bragging rights but at the end there will only be one winner. Suzy thinks it not a matter of winning, “It’s a tough race, but so rewarding to get to the top.”


Staying with last weekend ING Miami marathon a new product was launched to make our running hobby easier. Zensah® has created the first sleeves which allow for faster recovery for marathon training, and half marathon training.

One of the greatest challenges of running is not making it to the finish line, but making it to the starting line. Many runners don’t make it to the starting line due to injuries as part of their marathon training. At the start of a marathon I have seen runners limping still smarting from effects of training. If Zensah is to be believed no runner will make it to the start line with a nagging injury.

Better than Ice and heat?

Using its technology from its experience with professional basketball players and Olympians, Zensah® claims it has created the first sleeves which allow for faster recovery for marathon training, and half marathon training.

Zensah’s revolutionary fabric and construction allows for superior muscle support and muscle recovery. Zensah performance apparel consists of an ultra-breathable moisture wicking fabric that draws sweat away from the body allowing the athlete to stay cool, dry and light.

 Any runner who purchased the sleeves at ING marathon health and fitness expo can tell us whether it works or is it another fad?

The product is selling at $19.99 at their Zensah online store


For a second time in a month, Kenya’s runners failed to win a marathon. Haile Gebreselassie won January Dubai Marathon ahead of his kenyan pacemaker and at last weekend ING Miami marathon Jose Garcia of Guetemala won ahead of Kenya’s Samwel Kiprotich. Are we Kenyans losing our touch in long distance running?

Kenya Violence Affects Runners

One thing that is surely affecting Kenyan runners is the ongoing political crisis in the country. A former athlete, Lukas Sang was killed and a current athlete has been killed. Athletes have claimed they have received threats to their lives. Most of kenyas’ athletes are from Rift Valley province of Kenya that has been a center of ethnic fighting. Its difficult to go out running when you know the roads are full of gangs killing people.

How the Violence Erupted

The chaos started after a suspect election process. The incumbent, President Kibaki was declared the winner but the Opposition, Orange Democratic Movement protested calling for mass action. The mass action has now turned into ethnic fighting, tribe against tribe. Neighbours who lived in harmony are now turning against one another. Koffi Annan the former United Nations Secretary General is in the country to try and mediate between the feuding politicians.

Watching the media you might think the whole of Kenya is on fire but that is not the case. I come from Mt. Kenya region, the area has not suffered the violence and am still able to go about with my business, as you can see am still able to update this blog daily.  But I fear its only a matter of time and the whole country will be affected economically. Key economic sectors,Tourism and Agriculture are rapidly being killed. I still dread that day when my internet provider will apologise to me for increasing my internet charges due to the worsening economic situation!

How Runners are Coping

Training camps have been shut down and some elite athletes have left the country and shifted their training base abroad. The local athletics federation is playing a part in finding peace by trying to organise a peace run. If their is one thing that is known to unite people is sports. I hope and pray Kenya finds peace.

If you want to understand more about Kenya, Marathon guide website has an informative article, a Runners Guide To Kenyas’ History.

I planned to start running in the first week of January but it wasnt to be after I suffered a flu attack. The good thing that came out that flu attack was I discovered foods to cure flu, which I recommend you try out when you suffer flu attack because any non medical cure for illness is good.

Advantage of Sunday morning run

Yesterday morning I did my first run of the year, I love running on Sunday morning because most people are still asleep and the roads are free from cars and people. You have the road all to yourself!

How to Prepare for a 10K run

It was a 12K run, which I did in about 1 hour, normally it takes me 40 minutes to cover a similar distance. I had been preparing for the run in the last week by working on my fitness. Its not wise to get straight back into running after a long lay off, first work on your fitness. A good example is training for Pro, soccer, football and basketball when the players  get back into the game after a long off season, the coaches first focus on physical fitness for the players before they allow them to get down into the game.

Exercise to Prepare for a 10 K Run

For five days, I did various exercises, Push ups, pull ups and squats to build up my physical condition. To boost my lungs and heart I did one exercise that I  learnt from a book by great South African Golfer, Gary Player, Jogging on the spot. I admire Gary player because he is a model of what you can achieve in life if you adapt a lifestyle of routine exercise. At 70, Gary looks strong and healthy.

The purpose of my run was to assess whether I have undetected injury and to see how first I could run. I did not feel any tingling injury on my knees or ankle and am assuming all is well.

My pace is slower, which is understandable after a two month lay off. I punted alot in the first 2K and every time I attacked a hill my lungs felt like they were on fire. This means I will need to work more on my fitness. The next week I plan to do more aerobics exercises to boost my lung and heart function.



Kenyan Runners Low Calorie Diet

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Spirit Of The Marathon Movie

Posted: January 26, 2008 in Running Humour

The running movie “Spirit of the marathon”  debut yesterday across theaters in US, the dependable guys at complete running dot com went to theater and first observation was “You have never seen so many fit and healthy people in a movie theater”

The typical image of a movie goer is a fat pop corn crunching dude. For now “Runners rule!”  

Your cynical friends have asked you so many times why you run. The answer to how the rest of the society views running is in the spirit of the marathon. As the six running heroes in the movie start running Chicago marathon someone in the crowd is shamelessly waving a sign that reads, “You’re all crazy.” of course we dont give a shit!

Will the spirit of the marathon save obese Americans from what Mike Huckabee Calls “killing yourself with a fork”?

If you live in the U.S. and missed the screening, dont worry!there will be a second screening in Feb 21. For now you can wet your appetite by visiting marathon movie to view trailer of the movie.


I was reminded why running is a much better sport than soccer yesterday when I read an article on BBC on the violent nature of soccer. It not about the infamous soccer hooligans but how the players at times have a go at each other.

In Tuesday’s Carling Cup match between Asernal and arch rivals Tottenham hotspurs, Asernal’s Emmanuel Adebayor and Nicklas Bendtner squared up to each other and Bendtner appeared to suffer a cut nose.

According to good old BBC ” It is not the first time that team-mates have been involved in a bare knuckle fight on the pitch.”

Infamous Soccer Brawls

“Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer were sent off after brawling at St James’ Park in 2005 when they were playing for Newcastle, who had fallen 3-0 behind to Aston Villa.

Seven years ago Bradford’s Stuart McCall had to have stitches in a facial wound after Andy Myers struck him just before half-time of the 6-1 defeat to Leeds.

And in 1995, Blackburn team-mates David Batty and Graeme Le Saux came to blows during a Champions League match against Spartak Moscow.”

Of course I cant forget the Zinedane Zidane head butt that would have made Mike Tyson proud!

Apart from shoving and pushing at the start of a marathon I am yet to hear an ugly incident of runners having a go at one another.