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Staying with last weekend ING Miami marathon a new product was launched to make our running hobby easier. Zensah® has created the first sleeves which allow for faster recovery for marathon training, and half marathon training.

One of the greatest challenges of running is not making it to the finish line, but making it to the starting line. Many runners don’t make it to the starting line due to injuries as part of their marathon training. At the start of a marathon I have seen runners limping still smarting from effects of training. If Zensah is to be believed no runner will make it to the start line with a nagging injury.

Better than Ice and heat?

Using its technology from its experience with professional basketball players and Olympians, Zensah® claims it has created the first sleeves which allow for faster recovery for marathon training, and half marathon training.

Zensah’s revolutionary fabric and construction allows for superior muscle support and muscle recovery. Zensah performance apparel consists of an ultra-breathable moisture wicking fabric that draws sweat away from the body allowing the athlete to stay cool, dry and light.

 Any runner who purchased the sleeves at ING marathon health and fitness expo can tell us whether it works or is it another fad?

The product is selling at $19.99 at their Zensah online store



I have been nursing a cold virus and after taking a daily diet of chicken soup am on the mend. When am unwell I prefer trying non medicinal cure before taking any drug.

To fight cold and flu I try the following foods,

1. Lemon and Honey Drink

It is the oldest treatment of cold. I remember the first time my mother administered the lemon and honey drink to me as a tiny boy by my mother. It was the sweetest medicine, I loved it so much that I asked her whether I can drink it daily.

2. Chicken soup

It has been called nature’s penicillin. It helps clear clogged airways.

3. Fluids

If dust is the cause of irritation, clean water will do the cleaning of the throat.

4. Vitamin C sources

We know Carbohydates are energy giving foods and proteins are body building foods. Eat plenty of fruits because vitamins helps to protect the body from illness.  Eat Pineapple, Oranges, bananas and passion fruits.

We are all guilty of trying to seek a magical treatment to our injuries. Whether its an ankle or a knee, we want it to heal fast so that we can get back to doing what we know to do best.

I read about the  “RICE” treatment on cool running. Rice is an acronym of Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

If you have a nagging injury the first thing you should do is take a break, let your body rest. One way to get stronger is to take a rest from training.

Its recommended you Ice the trouble spot as soon as possible after you have been injured, and immediately after a run if you are running with an injury.

Icing helpd you to reduce pain and swelling.

Heat should only be applied to an injury after the burning sensation is gone, probably after about 72 hours. I have been guilty before of applying heat immediately after running, now I see I was wrong.

If the formula of rest, ice and heat does not work for you it could mean the injury was more serious than you assumed and you better consider consulting with your physician.

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I told you about my aching ankle on the right leg and how have been trying to get it to heal. I have rested it and done a few jogs and also tried a new running technique. Finally I have caught the culprit!

After I started my jog yesterday I had to stop to tie back my shoe lace, I tightened it tighter than normal and quickly got back running.

Marathon Injury disappears

I immediately felt the difference a firm tie made: the feet and ankle were firmly held. And surprising the strain disappeared. It was my Eureka moment. I discovered a proper tie of your shoes can give your foot the proper balance to run comfortably.

Perfect Marathon Run

I stopped jogging and immediately started running. It was the most comfortable run I have experienced.

Tying your shoes properly can reduce the risk of an ankle injury during marathon running. Loose shoes intefere with your landing and pulling. Landing and pulling are the main cause of ankle injury.

Next time you go out for that run remember you tie your running shoe properly to prevent your shoes from loosely hanging on your feet. The perfect tie is you tighten them up at the arch and up to the ankle. Your ankle will get a firm support to aid your mobility.

Dr. Romanov on his site thinks wearing the shoes right is just as important as wearing the right shoes. And on his site he has written three recommendations on how to wear the right shoe.

As a runner you will have to learn to get used to running in pain. As a runner you have to be mentally strong and inspired to overcome the pain. Remember Lance Armstrong ran New york Marathon in splints.

Marathon runners pain

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Ankle Strengthening Exercise.

Blisters make your feet feel uncomfortable. Yesterday I got a blister on my small toe. As I was running I didt realise anything amiss, its when I finished and removed my shoes then socks that I noticed the blister. My experience before has been not to burst it but to let it heal by itself. It worked, when I woke up today morning the swelling had gone.

What causes Foot Blisters?

  • Heat: is the number one reason for getting Blisters. The heat responsible for causing Blisters is mostly caused by the friction between your skin and the inner of your running shoe. Sand and gravel in your running shoe can increase friction which is why they also cause Blisters.
  • Moisture: moist or wet feet from sweat or water are more susceptible to Blisters as moisture softens your skin.

What you can do about blisters

Some basic preventive measure can go along way to avoid the two causes of heat and moisture. To minimise heat is not easy for a straineous activity like marathon running. Your feet are pounding the tarmarc and in the process your shoes get hot. In addition to the pounding your shoes are closed this means heat is trapped inside the shoe. The only option you have is to avoid wearing a tight fitting shoe. A tight fitting shoe squeezes your toes increasing friction. No shoe company has yet invented an open shoe for marathon running but there are running shoe made with covering material that allows circulation of air giving your feet a cooling effect. You dont feel it during running but it works.

Simple thing to do

You can reduce moisture by wearing a water absorbing sock consult your running shop for the best type of marathon running sock. Also when marathon running, avoid stepping into water. Lastly do what I aways do, apply petroleum jelly on your feet. Its a simple thing but very effective.