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Shock Win for Kenya

Posted: August 25, 2007 in marathon news, Uncategorized

The Athletic World Championship are already underway in Osaka. Japan is ahead of the rest of the world, that means by the time the action is ahead the rest of the world is asleep. Personally am gutted to have missed the 26 mile marathon that took place to day.

Am happy for my country man Luke Kibet who took the gold medal in the marathon. This win was a shock for many, few kenyans  expected a kenyan to win a gold in the marathon. It was along time that a Kenyan won a Gold in a major championship. This is despite the dominance of Kenyans on city marathons around the world. This non performance  when a country prides is at stake has always baffled kenyan. Critics have always accused our professioanl athletes of being motivated by money.

One thing the critics forget is that most of our athelete come from poor backgounds and running is an escape from poverty.


No Pain No Gain

Posted: August 22, 2007 in marathon training

My frog jumping is leaving me in deep pain. My thighs are aching and any slight massage is painful. But I know if I want to develop endurance I have to keep punishing them.

 My goal was to do atleast five laps of frog jumps around a track field but I stopped after two laps. I did not anticipate the activity to be that hard. I have taken a two day break to allow my muscles to recover.

Take a break

Its always wise to take a break from any form of training to allow your muscles to recover. To much training may lead to injury. During recovery period you can engage in stretching and massaging with a muscle reliever spray. Remember stretching is a skill you need to learn, do it safely.

Once beaten shopping twice shy

Posted: August 22, 2007 in running shoe

With the marathon less than 3 months away I decided to go early to shop for a new pair of shoes . I dont want to get caught in last minute shopping If you wait for the last minute you risk not getting the right shoe or no shoe at all.

Last year I went shopping late, actualy a week from the marathon. I checked every shop in town and I could not find the right shoe. Either what I wanted was never stocked and if the shop stocked a praticular shoe they were out of stock. 

Beat the last minute rush

As the marathon approaches the demand for running shoe can only get higher. If the shops have not stocked adequately, they will inevitably run out of stock. I advice every one to shop early.  

Power Training

Posted: August 20, 2007 in marathon training

In my first standard Chartered marathon the hardest part of the 26 miles was the last 6 miles. When I saw the 20 mile mark sign and checked my watch, quick mental calculation showed it had taken me 2 hours 15 minutes. I optimistically thought it would take me at most 40 minutes to get to the finish. Well under my target of finishing in 3 hours.

Hitting the Wall

From that point I dont know what hit me. Coz it was all down hill. My speed just came crushing down. My feet got sore and I had to abandon my goal of running the whole distance. I had hit the so called Wall.

 Frog Jumps

The more I walked the harder it became to restart my mortar. My endurance wasnt good. The coming week I plan to focus on power training, no road running. I will be doing frog jumping round a track. The objective is to develop strong leg muscles.


Posted: August 19, 2007 in marathon guide

As I was having my dinner, my moment of feast was interupted by the a commercial I had not seen over an year. It was the sponsors of Nairobi Marathon, Standard Chartered Bank. Its now official the marathon is on October 28. I quickly checked the Calendar and I have less than 3 months to finish up my training. My heart started pounding faster not from fear but excitement. I have been looking forward to the marathon just like you look foward to the marathon you plan to participate in.

The only let down was that the organisers have hiked the registration fee by 300%. Now, thats evil.

beating morning blues

Posted: August 10, 2007 in marathon training

Last evening I received a distressing phone call from one of my customer. The inpatient customer had placed an order and was, for no apparent good reason,  threatening to terminate the deal. I did my best to sweet talk him to be more patient and promised to see him fast thing in the morning to explain myself.

I tried to black out the whole incident as I went to sleep. Luckly I slept soundly. No sooner had I woken up in the morning to go out for my morning marathon run that the previous night incident flushed on my mind. The anxienty of losing the deal and the customer was to high. Mentally I tried to focus on marathon training but the fear stuck. The temptation to get to bed and nurse my fears was high. A stronger part of me persistented and urged me, Constantine! Go! Go!.

Labour of love

Marathon training requires a strong mental state. An ability to block all negative thoughts. And focus on one important goal marathon running. I just kept telling myself, you have to do it! you have to do!after many repetitions I mastered the courage to get out of the door and get going.


Posted: August 8, 2007 in Uncategorized

My funny moment today was an item I heard on BBC sports radio. I story that is my nomination for all time Bizarre sporting story. It was reported that Leroy Litta a professional footballer with Reading F.C., a top English premier league team, injured his leg muscle while stretching on bed after waking up in the morning. Of all places his bed!. According to the team manager the player has not trained for the last two days because he is in great pain. This incident is bizzare because this is a strong player who has been busy training for weeks in readiness for forthcoming season. The manager was quick to warn everyone this is no laughing matter.

 You never know where the devil strikes!

We get injuries while marathon training on tarmac, when pushing our legs hard but nobody expects a simple morning exercise on the comfort of our bed to be that lethal. This incident reminds me that in marathon running just like every other endeavour in life we need good old luck. You can do all the preparation and practice for the big marathon, but remember the devil of misfortune is always lurking on our shadow. Today it could be a germ you unknowingly inhaled on your way to work that could keep you from training tomorrow. Good Luck and my best wishes to Leroy Litta for a quick and cheerful recovery.