Making Marathon Eco Friendly

Posted: February 25, 2008 in marathon running

The going green movement seems to have caught up with marathons. Last weeks Tokyo marathon made effort to reduce the marathons impact on environment.

The ugly side of a marathons is the use of plastics that are littered everywhere. Although I have to say I find it fun to kick the empty water bottles that runners throw on the road.

The organisers of Tokyo marathon used the following ideas to make the marathon one of the most eco friendly events on the planet.

Use of Solar Energy

The PA system was powered using solar panels fitted on a truck. The 350 solar panels fitted on the truck can generate electricity to power two houses.

Use of Reusable plates.

At Nairobi marathon, runners are only served with free water but at Tokyo Marathon, free food is part of the deal! Thats sweet! Meals provided to participants were served on reusable plates, while sports drinks were served using paper cups.

Making the marathon green seems to have attracted green movement fanatics, like one spectator told the Japanese press “At other marathon events, paper cups and other kinds of garbage are often dropped on roads. I like this event because it’s ecologically conscious,” said a 70-year-old man from Yokohama

See the following Japanese website on how they are revolutionising how we run. DONT WORRY THE SITE IS IN ENGLISH.


  1. jonathan says:

    This is big in the UK at the moment.

    A recent TV documentary showed a half marathon with 9,000 runners using 62,000 bottles of water.

    The reporter showed some discarded bottles had been opened and just a very small amount taken out.

    How long before mass participation sports comes under scrutiny?

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