Are Runners Penny Pinchers?

Posted: February 19, 2008 in Running Humour

The New York times have one of those David vs Goliath stories, this time its your corner running gear store vs the big chains.

How to Save Money at all cost

Speciality stores owners in America are really feeling butterflies in their bellies, like one worried owner told the paper “It’s a fact of life some people will do anything to save $3 so they’ll come to our store and get fitted and then go up the block and buy it there,” said Leanore Gallardo, whose flagship Metro Run & Walk in Falls Church, Va. — one of three she owns in the Washington area — is about to face a Road Runner Sports a mile away. “Only a fool would not be concerned,” she said.

Its seems runners will walk into a small store get get fitted without blinking an eye say thank you and walk out to get a burgain elsewhere. How unfair!

Read the New york times online to see why your corner running shop maybe no more.


  1. Ken says:

    Another possibility is to try the shoes on in the store and then buy online where you might find even better deals.

  2. Constantine njeru says:

    Ken, if every runner did what you say, the shops will close and runners will have no where to try the shoe.

    Am wondering what is the best way for a small shop to fight a big store?

  3. jonathan says:

    Hi Constantine,
    The best way for small stores to fight big stores is to give good service.

    In th UK, the high streets are dominated by several large chain sports shops. These mainly sell sports fashion/soccer clothing at discount prices.

    They do have small sections of “running gear”. In truth though, this is aimed at people who think spending £££’s on gear is a substitute for hard work and dedication.

    Sales assistants know virtually nothing about running (or anything much…)

    We go to a small independent store which specialises in running and athletics. They give you full attention, actually know what they are talking about and we have recommended them to a couple of family members.

    They also sponsor the junior athletics club our kids go to and I guess that a dozen large stores could open on their doorsteps with troubling them.

    We think that everything has a price and so I may pay a couple of £more but I have had better service.

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