Trying a New Running Swing

Posted: February 18, 2008 in marathon training

Yesterday morning I went for my first morning run in two weeks. After suffering from an illnes called laziness for the last 2 weeks I finally found five cures for laziness. After trying the ideas, am fully cured!  

The 12 K run reminded me how much I love running. Running gives you the satisfaction of doing something challenging. When I tell my friends to try running they say they cant do it! Its good to know you are able to do something that many people consider impossible!

The period between January and February is the hot season here in Kenya. To avoid running under hot sun I run very early in the morning when temperatures are low.

I did not time my run because I woke up at 7.00 am which was 30 minutes late, in the rush to beat the morning sun I forgot my stop watch.

Perfect Running  swing

When I discovered that my wrist was naked I decided to focus on my leg swing. I have been trying a new running style where my ankle makes a full swing. A friend adviced me that one cause of ankle injury is running with a stiff foot. Instead of landing on the front part of the foot, I land on the heel then let my foot swing to the front part.  Your ankle should be in motion.

As much as I tried to stick to my new running style, I occasionally found myself back to my old style, I guese it is a case of Old habits die hard! It takes patience and perseverance to adapt to a new running style.





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