Runners are Never Reasonable

Posted: February 13, 2008 in marathon running

Mike Huckabee has previously said  running has taught him the importance of planning, preparation and persistence.

Persistence is one virtue Mike has taken whole heartedly in the marathon race to be the Republican Presidential Nominee. I was watching Mike’s interview by Larry King on CNN and the marathon man vowed he wont quit the race inspite trailing John Mccain.

This was bad news to Mccain and the rest of Reblicans who hoped that Mike would be reasonable, see he has no chance and quit. But runners are never reasonable!

Being reasonable means assessing your chances of winning verses not winning. If our decision to run a marathon was based only on whether we can win or not non of us would ever run a marathon.

Every runner has his own motives for running, it could be to set a personal best, to cut weight or to raise money for charity. Some times our friends dont understand why we run, a good illustration of how the public views running is a scene from running movie, spirit of the marathon, As the six running heroes in the movie start running Chicago marathon someone in the crowd is shamelessly waving a sign that reads, “You’re all crazy.” of course we dont give a shit!



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