Empire Building Vertical Marathon Winners

Posted: February 6, 2008 in running, Uncategorized

Australia’s Suzanne Walsham fought off a calf strain to win Tueday’s Empire state building run up. What I find more astonishing about her win is that at the end she said the calf injury had prevented her from running in the last two weeks.

Not being able to train is not the ideal way to prepare for a race. The fact that Suzanne won without training means she is either too good or the rest of 64 female stair case runners were not good enough.

She finished in 12:44 and beat last year’s time by 28 seconds. She was 49 seconds ahead of second-place woman, Cindy Moll-Harris of Indianapolis, a four-time winner.

The event is one of the world’s premier tower races, beginning with a mad dash in the lobby and finishing 1,576 steps later on the observation deck. This year, 171 men and 64 women competed. All but 20 finished. When one 42 year old runner was asked what hurt most during the climb,  he pointed to his head “Mentally, its tough. I’ll probably never do it again.”

Dold Wins Second Empire State Bulding Build Up

Thomas Dold, a 23-year-old student who lives in Stuttgart, was the first male to reach the observation deck, he finished in 10 minutes, 8 seconds, his best time yet in the race. Not bad for a boy who lives in a two storey building.

The only downside of this race is that after all the hardwork. There are no cash prizes. The top three usually receive a commemorative medal and a return flight to compete the next year. They have to pay all their other expenses.


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