Gebreselassie Fear of Beijing Olympics

Posted: February 5, 2008 in marathon running

Today morning I watched CNN world sports, the programme reported Haile Gebresalassie, the marathon wolrd record holder, is considering skipping Beijing Olympics marathon not for the 10,000 metres but due to the fear of pollution in China.

Runners fear of respiratory infections

We all know Chinese economy is booming, the massive investment has been the energy that has ensured the economy is firing all cylinders. The firing cylinders havent left behind a cloud of dirty smoke. Runners are now worried of respiratory infections.

Gebreselassie London Marathon Drop Out

Gebreselassie fear is based from his 2006 London marathon experience. If  you may remember, he dropped out of London Marathon due to chest pains that was caused by pollen infections. The great man suffers from an allergy of pollen. Funnily, Gebreselassie admitted it was only after he dropped from the london marathon that he remembered he had been warned a long time ago by his doctor about his pollen allergy.

In China runners will have to cope with some toxic gases such as sodium, carbonmonoxide and God knows what else.



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