Fantasies During Running

Posted: February 4, 2008 in marathon training

Last week, you read my post, My first 10K of 2008 about how I panted heavily, every time I attacked a hill it felt like my lungs were on fire. To improve my breathing I planned to do aerobic exercises during the week. Unfortunately I have been lazy and I only exercised once last week instead of four times.

Sunday mornings are spent running and yesterday was no different. The heavy panting was still there and it made the run unnecessarily painful. I guese the pain was the punishment for not doing the aerobic exercises.

Money, Sports And Sex

Another area I need to work on is my mental concentration. Sometimes I find my brain wondering into my fantasies about money, sports and of cause Sex. Indulging in this thoughts is fun and at times I get lost in them.

Disociating the Brain to Win

Thinking of other things during running is called disociating the brain; taking your attention from the pain and focusing on running. Its a technique used by professional runners to win races.

In my case, the disociation impacts negatively on my pace. If am running on a fast pace and my brain starts wondering, I get lost in my fantasies. I wake out of the fantasies after I realise my pace has slowed down.

Have a running week.


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