3 Legal Performance Enhancing “Drugs”

Posted: February 3, 2008 in Running Humour, Uncategorized

If you are a runner and you want to dope your body “legally” then I recommend you try some of the following doping ideas. Dont worry about Joining Marion Jones in prison because this are all legal.

1. Doping your body with altitude training.

I have previously blogged that, this is one secret of Kenyan runners.

The basic concept behind high altitude is that as you go higher above sea level there is less oxygen  in the atmosphere.

This places additional stress on the body because less oxygen is being carried to the muscles and the body has to produce more red blood cells to carry the oxygen.

The more the red blood cells in your body the higher the oxygen carrying capacity.

2. Caffein as Performance enhancing drug.

A number of studies have shown significant performance increases in various endurance disciplines, including running, following caffeine ingestion. In one study, elite runners improved their time in a treadmill run to exhaustion by 1.9 percent with caffeine. Caffeine boosted time to exhaustion in a cycling test by 15 minutes in another study.

So how does the world most widely used drug improve your  performance? It appears caffeine enhances performance in shorter events by stimulating the nervous system in ways that enable the muscles to contract faster and more efficiently. In longer events, caffeine delays fatigue by reducing the athlete’s perception of effort.

3. Cancer as Performance enhancing drug

What has made Lance Armstrong a super athlete? A recent article claims that Armstrong’s testicular cancer actually helped him during the Tour de France. The Authors speculate that the treatment procedure might have actually altered Armstrong’s Testosterone production. Read the article in wikipedia.

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