Marathons In February

Posted: February 2, 2008 in marathon running

If you are looking for where to run a marathon in the month of February you have a choice of 50 marathons worldwide. I have analysed the most interesting, for a full list visit marathon guide dot com.


Marathon guide have listed 30 marathons that will be held in the US/Canada in the month of February.

Valentine Marathon February 10

Celebrate Valentine early by running the Valentine marathon. This little marathon is held in a state park in Olympia washington. Its run on rural roads, depending on your luck you may encounter traffic because all roads are open. My advice get your insurance in order! The park is a beautiful area for you and your valentine date to hang out in the forest amongst the old, very tall trees. Visit official site.

George Washington Birthday Marathon February 17 

Celebrate the birthday of one of Americas founding father at Washington marathon. A small town marathon run around hills. No frills marathon, room and entry fee will cost you a cheap $100. No headphones and Ipods are allowed, which I find strange for a small marathon desperate to attract runners.

Breast Cancer marathon February February 17

Play your part to fight breast cancer by wearing a T-shirt with a pink ribbon and running breast cancer marathon in Florida. To “Pink the Town” Visit official site.

International marathons

Sahara Marathon February 27

If you are looking for something different and a cultural experience you will love this event. Its run in Algeria in dusty, windy course. Carry your goggles! Its the only marathon where you are allowed to participate in the production of your own finishers medal. Visit official site

Delhi International Marathon February 17

This year will be the third edition of Delhi marathon. I hope the organisers have improved since the first marathon when the marathon left a bitter taste to one runner who described it, chaotic and smelly. Was it the spices or the infamous delhi street garbage?

If you are looking for a marathon in Europe, Asia and South Africa, see the list of 20 international marathons in February.

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  2. If you want an alternate list of marathons to be run in February, have a look at

    I counted 53…

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