How to Prepare to Run up Empire State Building

Posted: January 31, 2008 in running

The empire state bulding run up is 86 flights and 1,576 steps. This year’s stair case running is next week and Suzy Walsham of Australia and Thomas Dold of Germany, the women’s and men’s winners a year ago in 13:12 and 10:25, respectively, are back to defend their titles.

How do you prepare to run up 1,500+ star?

According to an article on runners world Suzy is training for this race by climbing stairs in her 12-story condo in Singapore.

I first learnt of Dold in  an article in Readers digest where he was named as a hero. Unlike Suzy, Dold lives in a two story building. He is a member of German mountain running team. There is no  better way to prepare to run vertical than running up mountains.

250 competitors from 17 different countries will fight it out for the bragging rights but at the end there will only be one winner. Suzy thinks it not a matter of winning, “It’s a tough race, but so rewarding to get to the top.”


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