My First 10 K Run of 2008

Posted: January 28, 2008 in marathon running, marathon training

I planned to start running in the first week of January but it wasnt to be after I suffered a flu attack. The good thing that came out that flu attack was I discovered foods to cure flu, which I recommend you try out when you suffer flu attack because any non medical cure for illness is good.

Advantage of Sunday morning run

Yesterday morning I did my first run of the year, I love running on Sunday morning because most people are still asleep and the roads are free from cars and people. You have the road all to yourself!

How to Prepare for a 10K run

It was a 12K run, which I did in about 1 hour, normally it takes me 40 minutes to cover a similar distance. I had been preparing for the run in the last week by working on my fitness. Its not wise to get straight back into running after a long lay off, first work on your fitness. A good example is training for Pro, soccer, football and basketball when the players  get back into the game after a long off season, the coaches first focus on physical fitness for the players before they allow them to get down into the game.

Exercise to Prepare for a 10 K Run

For five days, I did various exercises, Push ups, pull ups and squats to build up my physical condition. To boost my lungs and heart I did one exercise that I  learnt from a book by great South African Golfer, Gary Player, Jogging on the spot. I admire Gary player because he is a model of what you can achieve in life if you adapt a lifestyle of routine exercise. At 70, Gary looks strong and healthy.

The purpose of my run was to assess whether I have undetected injury and to see how first I could run. I did not feel any tingling injury on my knees or ankle and am assuming all is well.

My pace is slower, which is understandable after a two month lay off. I punted alot in the first 2K and every time I attacked a hill my lungs felt like they were on fire. This means I will need to work more on my fitness. The next week I plan to do more aerobics exercises to boost my lung and heart function.



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