Kenyan Runners Low Calorie Diet

Posted: January 27, 2008 in kenyan Runners

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  2. Mimi says:

    Why don’t you eat ONLY maize for a year and let us see even you can run for 5 minutes as fast as the East African runners?

    What you have posted here is a complete rubbish article.

    You sound very envy of these East African runners. Please admit it that there are some nations good for running and some not. Don’t try to find an excuse for your lazy ass couch potato life style.

    This is the White Man’s reasoning not to admit a defeat by strong Africans. At one time, the media was saying that the runners from East Africa are so good because that was their life style, they run everywhere, including to school.

    The fact is that over 90% of East African runners grew up with in 400 meters from school.

    So, now don’t go to East Africans’ turf!

  3. Constantine njeru says:

    Hi Mimi, If you had cared to look at the about page you would have seen am a black blooded kenyan. I know all about eating maize and beans. I agree with you most Kenyan runners live 400 metres from school but only until age 14 after which they enroll in boarding secondary school. In boarding school every lunch time we eat a cheap diet of maize and beans. My high school headmaster called it “The most balanced diet”

    • Zach says:

      Mimi obviosily doesnt look into things very closely before he…she…or it makes outlandish claims. Constantine, I find your information intriguing and your patience for brain dead people like Mimi amazing. Take care.

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