How to Avoid Killing Yourself at the Start Of Marathon

Posted: January 15, 2008 in Running Humour

The number one mistake novice runners make at the start of a marathon is starting like a pro runner.

Before the start of a marathon all runners are equal but immediately the starting gun is fired we all fall into runners hierarchy. The pro infront, followed by the fit runners and lastly the unfit runners.

The pro runners start at a fast pace and many novice runners are tempted to do likewise. A pro runner has speed endurance which enables him to sustain the fast pace. A novice runner who tries to imitate them will quickly notice his folly after quicky burning out.

Wannabee Stuntman accidentally  hangs himself

Just because the pro do it doesnt mean we can also do it. A good example of not try do what you see a pro doing is a crazy story I read on reuters news site about two guys who watched too much stunts on movies.

In Vancouver Canada, a 23 year old man and a friend (and they are usually youngmen) were attempting to film a mock hanging as stunt when accidentally things did not go as planned and the male was unintentionally hung from the rope he had placed around his neck. According to a police spokesman the friend initially did not realize anything was wrong. Read the rest of the crazy story

Neither man was trained as a stunt man. I wonder, were this  crazy dudes trying to make a video to post on You Tube? and has anyone out there seen the video on You tube?


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