Twin Cities Marathon Ipod Head Phone Ban

Posted: January 7, 2008 in running

At the 2007 Twin Cities Marathon, the organisers enforced the Ipod headphone ban by collecting all music players and headphones at the start of the race and returning them afterward.

The ban of Ipods from running is still a thorny issue, Many runners believe if you pay up to run a marathon, you should be at liberty to run as you desire.

Personally, I never run with an headphone, I do my marathon training on a major highway and I need my ears open, I dont want a car to rum at me from behind.

One of the reason given for the Ipod ban is safety issue. The 2007 Chicago Marathon is cited as an example. Early in the race, it became clear that record high temperatures posed a serious threat to participants. Officials decided to shut down the course and began announcing the closures with bullhorns.

“Runners need to hear rules. In Chicago, runners needed to hear about the heat,” said the race director. “

Even the USA track and field are the first to admit this is one rule that is hard to enforce. “It’s up to individual race directors to impose the ban and enforce it,” said Jill Geer, spokeswoman for USATF. “Obviously, in a large race of 10,000 or more, it will be hard to enforce.


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