Happy New Year Readers

Posted: January 2, 2008 in Uncategorized

Its a New Year and am looking forward to 2008 with hope and determination. Looking back to 2007, I started this blog to share with you my running experiences, the funny, the sad and the inspiring. A big thanks to all my readers and more so I appreciate your comments.

My 2008 Goals
1. Improve My Personal Best
My number one goal is to finally run a 26 mile marathon under three hours. In 2007 Nairobi Marathon my finishing time was 3hrs 6 mins. My target for this year will be 2hrs 45 mins. Like my school teacher used to tell us, If you want to land on the moon you have to target the stars.

2. Find a New home
The readers of this blog have grown beyond my expectation. When I started I didnt know I could make so many friends!Thanks guys. I plan to find a new home for this blog. I have already bought the domain name what is remaining is a few website design issues. Watch this space.

3. Make it Fun and Share
Having a new home is not enough, you have to make it hospitable. I want to make this blog more useful to you guys. The best gift is sharing, I promise to share more of the funny stuff, training tips and best of all explain more about my fellow kenyan runners.

Cheers Guys and Happy Running 2008

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