Nike Going Native Shoe

Posted: December 22, 2007 in running, running shoe

I was checking out the latest trends in running shoes when I stumbled on news that our good old Nike has a new shoe designed specifically for American Indians, its an effort aimed at promoting physical fitness in a population with high obesity rates. They call it AIR NATIVE

Feels Nolstalgic

The shoe looked familiar when I first saw it. From a far the  shoe looks like my good old Adidas old school only that this shoe has a blue Nike tick instead of the three strips of Adidas.  

The science in the shoe

Nike designers and researchers looked at the feet of more than 200 people from more than 70 tribes across america and found that in general, American Indians have a much wider and taller foot than the average shoe accommodates.

The company anticipates selling at least 10,000 pairs. It represents less of a financial opportunity than a goodwill and branding effort.

Just Do It

One of Nike brand motto is, “if you have a body you are an athlete” I think this Air Native will flatter obese American Indians. I just hope they understand a shoe is not an end but a means. So, to all Indians, GET RUNNING!


  1. gautam singh says:

    lookwise realy very impressive. i want to see it on nike store

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