Catherine Ndereba Nurtures Future Runners

Posted: December 15, 2007 in kenyan Runners

If you meet Catherine Ndereba for the first time you wont mistake to see her passion for her Christian faith. She avoids any form of self glorification and stresses her wins, 4  at Boston marathon and 2 at Chicago marathon, are all from God. In an interview with mens racing dot com she said “My running is a gift from God. He gave it to me with a purpose.”

One purpose is helping fellow Kenyans pursue a career as a professional runner.

Last weekend she put her Christian faith to practice by organising and sponsoring Nyeri Half Marathon. The race was in her home town, Nyeri, a countryside town at the bottom of Mt. Kenya, Africa’s second highest mountain.  

High altitude

At 2400 meters or 8000 ft above sea level, this country side town is abundant in horticultural farming but one scarce commodity is little oxygen due to the high altitude.

Shaped by adversity

There is no public transport in many parts of rural Kenya. As young school girl, Catherine like many other children in rural Kenya to get to school means running. And it is this daily routine of waking up at dawn and running to school that gives kenyans a start in running.

Future Champions

The winner of this years Nyeri marathon was Nathan Kosgei (29). He has won it 4 times. He is a promising young man who has never tasted a win in europe or america. At the finish he declared “he is now ripe to attempt the full distance from next year.”

When he wins a Major marathon, you will remember where you first heard about him.


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