Last Running Essay From Ryan Shay

Posted: December 13, 2007 in marathon, running

The memory of Ryan Shay lives on after his father shared with the running community a paper Ryan Shay wrote in a writing class as a freshman at Notre Dome. If you dont know Ryan Shay, he was the runner who died of suspected heart attack at 2007 US Olympics marathon trials at New York.

The essay is a quest of a young Ryan Shay to understand what it takes to be a champion runner. He looks back at past United states distance runners to learn from them. Ryan opened the essay with following line: “My goal in life is to become an elite distance runner.”

Education Versus Running

In the essay Ryan Shay talks about the challenge all aspiring runners go through. More and more runners come from communities where education is stressed over running as a career. For any runner to get to the top of his career Shay thought the aspiring runner must set his goal and adhere to his or her decision. The man walked his talk because in many ways Ryan in his 28 years of life, accomplished his life dreams to be a distance runner.

Heros and Legends

I believe you can tell a character of person by his heroes, at the end Shay quotes his hero American distance runner, Steve Prefontaine who once said: “I don’t run a race to see who is the fastest, but to see who has the most guts.”

Rest In Peace Buddy

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