Slick Mayweather Stops Courageous Hatton

Posted: December 9, 2007 in Sports News

It was billed as the fight of the decade, the british under dog versus the trash talking American. At the end, American Floyd Mayweather was too good for British Ricky Hatton.

During the build up Hatton claimed”On Saturday night it comes to an end. It will be an eight or nine round stoppage for Ricky Hatton.” It wasnt to be, because it was Mayweather and his arrogant uncle/manager who had the last laugh.

Round for Round, Punch for Punch

I watched the match live on TV. The alarm bells started ringing during round three after we saw what we didnt not want to see, Hatton getting a cut above the right eye, from there the danger was a flying elbow could open up the cut.

Mayweather’s played defence thoughout  and when he sprang to life in the 8th round it was explosive. Ricky was Clinging on and you got the feeling the bout was slipping away.

My agony ended in the 10th round. Hatton was caught cold by Mayweather and falls, like a true warrior he takes an eight count. The will is there but Hatton falls again. The fight and the dream was over.

Sportsmanship at the end of a brutal contest.

The one thing that made my heart feel better was Mayweather coming to congratulate Hatton and the pair embracing.

The misfit lives on

The dream to see Hatton knock down the last misfit of boxing since Lennox Lewis defeated Mike Tyson ended in round ten. It seems we shall just have to live with Mayweather and hope for better luck next time. May be  rematch with Oscar De la Hoya?

Hatton can take consolation from the $10 million he collected for being brave to get into the ring.  

Credit goes to the 15,000 british fans who crossed the atlantic to support Hatton. While most boxers arrive in Las Vegas with entourages, Hatton arrived with the whole of Manchester in tow.

Whats next for Hatton, its time to call it quit according to his mum “It’s the last lap of his career now. He’s 30 next year and we all made a pact,” Mrs Hatton told BBC Radio 5 Live.

Her pre match words were “get in there, get it done as quick as you can, get the money and let’s all go home and have a party.”



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