Daily Inspiring Message

Posted: December 8, 2007 in Inspiring Message

The secret to my success is very simple – hard work and dedication. I’ve been No.1 ever since I first started promoting over 30 years ago. That’s a long time to stay on top. It wasn’t easy. I couldn’t walk in the front door of the corporate office; I had to break it down. Your desire to remain No.1 must always be driving you. You have to be creative, innovative and have the guts to stand up. A man who has no wings – he cannot fly – he shall remain on the earth. I want to let everyone know how much harder it was and still is for me. We have to make sure that we’re a step ahead of everyone and work 24-7 to accomplish that. For anyone to live their lives that way – through dedication and hard work – they can realize their dreams. Not everyone’s goals or dreams will be the same, but they all require a commitment.

Boxing promoter, Don King explaining why he is the best promoter.

A man who has no wings cannot fly, he will remain on earth. The wings are persistence and dedication. Like King says, to get inside a corporate office he had to bring the door down. Keep knocking and the door shall be opened.


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