Life Begins at 40 For Edith Masai

Posted: December 7, 2007 in marathon, running

Competitive Running is a game for the youth but one runner who is challenging this truth is Kenyas Edith Masai. Oprah Winfrey famously claimed life begins at 40. Edith blew her 40 candles in April and immediately announced she was quiting middle distance running for marathon.  

Her drive? Self Belief

This year at  Osaka World Championship she finished a credible 8th place. As she put it herself We had five women in Osaka, and I was the slowest. Nobody thought Edith could finish in the top ten. But I was eighth in just over 2:32, only two minutes behind top runners like Catherine and the Chinese woman (Zhou Chunxiu)

She proved she is a force to recon with at Last Sundays Singapore Marathon when she finished 2nd to Ethiopias Alem Ashebier

Edith Training Regime

“I never really count the kilometres when I train. I normally train twice a day, although if I’m tired, once is enough. I run between 90 minutes and two hours in the morning, and about 45 minutes in the evening.”

Never late to win

Success has come late for Edith Masai, she started running at 13 but she had to wait until she turned 35 to make a notable win. Her three IAAF short-course World Cross Country titles were won after 35.

The girl has  grander plans “I’d like to go to the Olympics, and then I’ll see at the end of 2008, but I’d like to compete through to 2009.”


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