How Elijah Betrayed Amos To Win Singapore Marathon

Posted: December 6, 2007 in marathon, running

Elijah Mbogo wasnt supposed to win last sunday’s Standard Chartered Singapore marathon but he won. According to the pre race script he was supposed to act as Pace maker to defending champion Amos Matui and let him pass at 32K mark.

Gentlemens Agreement Broken

Sly Elijah Mbogo went on to win the race in a time of 2 hrs 14 min, a new course record. Mbogo said: “When I realised that people in the field I was with were just young people like me and the sort of people like me then I had the courage and I decided now I have now to do or die I have to go up to the line and it was very nice.”

Amos Matui underestimated the hunger desire and ambition of Mbogoh. Mbogo came into the race having only competed in one marathon previously, in the German city of Cologne, and only took up running in 2003. Singapore marathon was his second marathon.

Many young kenyan runners want to win even if it means upsetting the established runners. A win here opens doors to invitation from London Marathon, New York Marathon and other major marathons. You cant crucify a man for having an ambition.



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