May Your Dreams Be Equal to Your Ability

Posted: December 1, 2007 in marathon, running

Marathon events are a nice place to meet new friends. Yesterday at a restaurant, I met a runner I had met at this years Nairobi marathon. While I so this as an opportunity to look back and enjoy the good moments. My running friend wasnt amused, as he told me, that was his first and last attempt at the marathon. Apparently, he got injure and dropped out of the race. The agony left a bad memory.

He is not the only runner who have done a marathon and vowed never to try again. The reason a number of runners quit at the first attempt is they have too much expectation and dont do enough to get ready for the marathon.

Increase your training distance

You cant train for a month and claim to be ready for a 26 mile marathon. According to my friend he started training two months to the marathon, he ran once per week, his run was one lap around the estate. At one time he attempted to do two laps, when he finished he was too exhausted he never tried again. With such a poor training he would never faired any better at half marathon. In my two years of training I have discovered when you get comfortable running a certain distance, you immediately increase the distance.  

May your dreams be equal to your ability

A beginner runner is more  likely to get an injury than a seasoned runner because if you are new to running your knees and ankles are not used to the stress of running on tarmac. They say experience is a painful teacher, that is what my friend found out when he got injured on the d-day. The Nairobi marathon has categories for 10K and half marathon, the purpose is to ensure runners of different abilities participate in distances they can handle without killing themselves.

Run to your level but dream big


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