Gatorade Inventor Dies

Posted: November 29, 2007 in marathon, running

Necessity is the mother of invention. When the coach of University of Florida, football team asked Dr. Robert Cade why his players looked like zombies after a game. It was the Eureka moment for Dr. Cade.  He and other researchers created Gatorade in 1965.

He died on Tuesday of Kidney failure, he was 80.

It was first tested on freshmen because the Coach felt it was too risky to try the unproven drink on the first team. Eventually, however, the use of the sports beverage spread to the first team, who enjoyed a winning record and were known as a “second-half team” by outlasting opponents.

Although he did not benefit financialy from the research, his ideas gave birth to the current $5.5 billion a year sports drink market.

University of Florida  has received more than $110 million in royalties from Gatorade.

Robert Cade worked until he was 76, retiring in November 2004 from the university, where he taught medicine, saw patients and conducted research.


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