How to be a Tough Runner

Posted: November 25, 2007 in marathon, running

I read this interesting article on running times website on how to be a great runner written by Author Pete Pfitzinger.

According to Pete, contrary to our perception that to be a great runner you need only be mentally tough, he disagrees and claims, without enough miles under your belt, mental toughness is useless?

According to Pete there are 8 ways to be a tough runner, some of his ideas that I thought I might apply are:-

1) Set challenging goals in training: Always strive to run a longer distance

2) Train in adverse conditions: I have been guilty of this one, when the weather is bad, I post pone my Marathon training. Training in bad weather develops perseverance. If you can put up with the agony of running in rain, you can put up with the physical agony of running 26miles.

3) Train alone: I have been running alone for the last one year. Running alone makes you self-reliant. It also provides opportunities to push yourself whenever you feel like it without angering your training partners. A few 20 milers by yourself can improve your concentration and sense of toughness.

4) Train with faster runners: Once in a while challenge yourself against better runners, it is the only way to get better.  

Read the full list of how to be a tough runner

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