England Soccer Fans Deserve Loss

Posted: November 23, 2007 in Sports News, Uncategorized

On sacking Steve McClaren, FA Chairman Thompson said “Of course we have no divine right to play in major tournaments, but it is quite right that qualification is expected.” Those comments explain everything that I believe is wrong with the England nation. They are just faint hearted.

As a runner, imagine you are running a marathon, when you get at the 20 mile mark, all the spectators are booing at you calling you looser! looser!. This is what English players endured at half time in their Wednesdays match against Croatia. When you are two goals down you need encouragement not boos. The fans deserve the loss they failed the players at the hour of need.

After being savaged by the fans, the media also had their day in the slaughter. The Sun tabloid had this savage headline, “Useless, Pathetic, Insipid, Spineless, desperate, rubbish” You feel sorry for the players?

I believe to succeed you need to fail. It is from your failures that you learn what to do. But in England a manager is never allowed to fail and learn. In a country with abundant soccer talent, their record is, One world cup, which they won after a dubious goal that was never a goal.


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