Victor Conte Joins War Against Doping

Posted: November 20, 2007 in marathon, running

They say it takes a thief to catch a thief. In a desperate fight to clean the world of sports from drugs, World Anti-Doping Agency boss, Dick Pound called on Victor Conte to help him in the battle against doping.

Victor Conte was the founder and president of Balco, the San Francisco-based “sports nutrition” company that developed the undetectable steroid THG.  The steroid that has now destroyed the career of disgraced athlete Marion Jones.

The drug remained undetectable for a while, but they say there is no honour among thieves.  When a jealous rival sent a syringe with traces of THG to the authorities, it was game over.

After a four-month spell in prison, Conte is back and time in prison seems to have done him good. He has written a letter to World Doping Agency on how doping can be stopped. 

The letter is published by BBC Sports. He thinks any athlete who does well should be a treated with curiosity “The IAAF and Wada should target test the top 20 ranked athletes in each event and test them 10 times during the off season on their home soil instead of two times during the competitive season. The top 20 are the ones getting the lanes, winning the medals and making the money” It obvious, if you are using drugs you must do well.

Its ironic Conte is helping to clean up the massive problem of doping in sports, but remember, he was an insider. With his “insider knowledge” the man has the qualification for a career as an anti doping consultant.


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