You share alot with farmers

Posted: November 16, 2007 in marathon, running

As a marathon runner you share alot with the farmers than.  The similarity is not just a matter of both the farmer and runner smelling sweat.  

A farmers routine is till the soil, sow the seed, water, weed and fertilize, and with a little luck, come harvest time you’ll reap a bountiful crop. 

Now picture your life, you put in the miles, do the speed work, stay healthy, and come race day, you may reap your harvest. Sound similar? As runners everytime we train we are sowing the seeds of success. And you reap what you sow!

There are no certainties for either the farmer or runner, however. A drought or ill-timed hailstorm, an ankle or a knee injury, and months and years of hard work can be wiped out in a moment, without a shred of reward.

The runner and the farmer share two important values faith and dedicationin following professions that are incredibly demanding and yet without guaranteed payback.

So next time you drive through the countryside, flash a smile and a wave at the farmers just like we do when we meet fellow runners on the road.


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