Today In Sporting History

Posted: November 12, 2007 in Today in history

Welcome to today highlights in the world of sports. This day in 1910, the 1st Movie stunt was held when a man jumped into Hudson river from a burning baloon.

In 1873, Bay District HorseRacing track opens

In 1893, Pudge Heffelfinger becomes 1st Pro Football player when he receives $500 by the Allegheny Athletic Association to play in a game against the rival Pittsburgh Athletic Club, The amount was far above and beyond even double his expenses.

In 1933, Boigotry ends when the 1st Sunday football game is played in Philadelphia (previously illegal)

In 1936, St Louis Brown sold to Donald L. Barnes & William O. Dewitt.

In 1952, White Sox Place Jim Rivera under one year probation after being cleared of rape.

In 1970, Cleveland Cavaliers 1st NBA victory in their 11th game, beating portland 105-103.

In 1992, New York Yankee pitcher steve Hower is reinstated for the 8th time.

In 1995, 25th New York marathon won by Kenyas Tegla Loroupe in 2hrs 28mins.

In 1995,Marino breaks Tarkenton’s NFL all time passing yardage mark of 47,003. 


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