Eritreas Zersenay Tadese one man army

Posted: November 9, 2007 in inspiring stories, marathon

Eritrea’s Zersenay Tadese is leading a one man Eritrean army against  big brother Ethiopia. Eritrea and Ethiopia were once a single country but split in a bitter divorce in 1993. Since then there has been an ongoing cold war between the two countries. Things got thick last year when Ethiopia invaded Somali to overthrow an Eritrean backed Islamic Goverment accused of Terrorism.

Big Brother

Ethipia is bigger and wealthier than Eritrea. In running Ethiopia is blessed with world famous athletes like, Gebre Sellassie, Bekele among many. The arrival of talented Zersenay Tadese is a sign that Eritrea is emerging from the shadow of big brother.

Coming of age

During this year’s IAAF Cross country Championships in Mombasa, Kenya,  Zersenay Tadese beat Kenenisa Bekele in the 12K run. Bekele wilted under the heat, he watched from behind as the Eritrean powered himself to win the event.

One Big Happy Family

Two weeks ago he won in the 21K IAAF World Road Running Championship in Udine, Italy. Hundreds of flag waving Eritrean fans cheered him on. At the end he summed-up the inspiring atmosphere. “Today it felt like the whole of Eritrea was running with me” on the streets of Udine. “The support of them (the Eritrean fans) was very important to me.”

In a country that is desperate for a national hero, he could be the mordern day messiah who inspires a new generation of runners.

  1. DENDEN says:

    I do not know why you said Ethiopia a land locked country is much blessed than Eritrea. I belive Ethiopia is very known country in the world specially by poverty.

    There was a war between Eritrea and Ethiopia for three decades. At that time the war means between 60million of Ethiopian people with their Soviet supporters and 3million Eritreans alone. ( in 1988 three soviet colonels who were helping Ethiopia were surrendered in war by Eritrea independence fighters)
    At last the war ended by overthrowing the Amhara regim. Eritreans became independent by force. And they helped Meles to be in power in Adis Ababa the one who is fighting them again.
    There is a virgin true history there , go to Eritrea , historians supposed to study the unique independence war.

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