Heikki Kovalainnen finish 2007 New York marathon

Posted: November 6, 2007 in inspiring stories, New York Marathon

Fans of formula one will be interested to know Heikki Kovalainen successfuly participated in 2007 New York marathon.  He wastn favourite to win here but he is favourite to repalce Fernando Alonso at Mclaren Mercedes. He finished the 42km course in a time of 3:36.56 seconds, almost an hour and a half behind the winner.

His target before the marathon was to finish under four hours, which was enough to beat the time set by another formula one driver Jorna Trulli.

Another driver running at New York Marathon was Alex Zarnadi who was participating in the wheel chair category. If you remember correctly, he wasnt much of a success in formula one but he got much sympathies after his racing career was cut short by an accident.

 The 41-year-old Italian, who lost the use of his legs following a crash in Champ Car race in 2001 with Canadian Alex Tagliani. The impact of the crash and the injuries he sustained left him in a coma for a week.

He showed a great fighting spirit when he completed his first marathon of this kind in 1:33.17. That was more than 15 minutes behind the winner, but well within the time he had set for himself prior to taking part in the race. He finished fourth.

Zanardi’s result is impressive considering he had never used a handcycle before and had less than a month to prepare for the 26.2-mile challenge.

Just like any other runner he suffered pre race butterflies, “I was so nervous that I don’t think I slept more than three hours last night,” he tells the New York times. I’ve been in better shape, but I’m not demolished.” He managed his fears to finish fourth, thats the key, you cant eliminate fear but you can manage it.


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