Lance Armstrong 2007 New York Marathon

Posted: November 5, 2007 in marathon, New York Marathon

Lance Armstrong promised us this time he will be better prepared, indeed he was. Seven-times Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong reached his New York City Marathon goal yesterday by breaking two hours, 50 minutes in his second race over the distance.

I wasnt a fun of statistics in school but in actual data he finished at a time of 2:46:43, nearly a wooping 13 minutes faster than his marathon debut  last year of 2:59:36. Thats Incredible!

He was unofficially the 698th to cross the finish line among the 39,085 runners who started the race. Last year he came at position 865.

“I think I came in better prepared,” said Armstrong, “I feel better than I did last year leaving here. Last year it took me about four or five months to actually be able to run again because of my shins.”

“Last year I had no idea what to expect with 26.2 miles (42.16 km), and I paid for it.

“I’ll continue to run,” Promised the 36 year old, “For me running is the best type of workout right now because with a busy lifestyle and travel, all you need is a pair of running shoes and you can do it in any city in the world.”

Lance is the man I aim to beat, if I am to beat his time of 2 hrs 46 min, it means I have to cut my personal best time of 3 hrs 6 min by 20 min next year. Game on.



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