Back Running After a Marathon

Posted: November 4, 2007 in marathon

The week is gone after my last weeks heroics at Nairobi marathon. Today morning I went for my first morning run, the intent was to loosen the body in particular my leg muscles and to discover if I had an injury that I might not be aware of.

After pushing myself to finish in a time of 3 hrs 06 min I was a little bit concerned I might contract flu but am in perfect health. Last year I contracted a bad flu the week after the marathon. The paradox of marathon running is running makes your body releases steroids that suppress your immune system.

When you get exposed to germs such as bacteria or viruses you get sick easily. Runners are adviced to stay away from risky zones such as crowded buses, shaking hands or company of small kid.

I did what professionals call diagonals. After a long run your leg muscles become tight to loosen or stretch them you do diagonals. 

You stand at a running track and draw an X across the track. Standing at one corner you sprint to center straight to the opposite corner then jog to the other corner and sprint to the opposite corner, jog back to where you started and repeat the sprints. Do as many as you can.

During the runs I did not find any aching knee or ankles. Its important to do a little running after a major marathon to discover if you had any injury that you were not aware of.


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