Mike Tyson On Being Mike

Posted: November 3, 2007 in Sports News

Mike Tyson might not be your cup of tea but its had to ignore a guy who is forever in the limelight for good or bad. has made so many mistakes in hi life, I believe to be good you need to study bad guys, not bury your head in sand and pretend they dont exist.

We know he was a talented boxer but one talent he is not appreciated for is his talent with words. His comments on being Mike Tyson are witty, sho. Below are some of the best.

Words as weapons:

‘I’ve realized, at this stage in my life, there’s nothing wrong with backing down. You can set a good example that you don’t have to throw blows or be belligerent to get your point across. You can disarm (people) with words. I probably have a 20,000-word vocabulary. I’ll match my wits with anyone on literature, science and the arts.”

Be like Mike?:

“I hate to sound egotistical, but other guys like (Evander) Holyfield would be nothing without me. Lots of guys want to be me. They don’t want to lead my life and go to prison and everything, but they want my platform. When I fight, the whole world watches. That’s crazy as hell, right? I’m the best thing that ever happened to boxing. They don’t want to believe it — and it sounds so ignorant and egotistical saying it — but it’s true. But nobody wants to give me credit. When I die, (posterity) will probably save me and claim my name.”

Troubles with the opposite sex:

“My father was a pimp before he became a deacon or something. These people know how to handle women. I’m the worst guy in the world with women. They run circles around me.”

Identity crisis:

“Sometimes, I don’t know who the hell I am. My mother said it was Jimmy Kirkpatrick, but my birth certificate says Purcell Tyson. How embarrassing it was, at 38, to try and get a passport only to find out I don’t know who my father is.”

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