How To Enjoy a Marathon

Posted: November 2, 2007 in marathon, marathon running

Marathons are promoted as fun events but for most runners there is nothing fun about a full marathon. What sticks in their mind is the agony, painfull ankles, heavy panting, stomach cramps, worst still,  ending up in a treatment table.

What Oprah Winfrey thinks about marathon

It was the talk show queen who said marathon is the best metaphor of life, “You get what you put in.” during sunday 2007 Nairobi Marathon I knew I was in a different level when one hot babe whom I overtook remarked “You seem to be having it so easy” Running 42 k in 3 hrs 06min , 46sec wasnt easy but let me say I enjoyed myself.

I started from behind and maintained a steady 4 min per Kilometre. I easily caught up with the novice runners who started by sprinting. I overtook them and when they tried hard to catch up, I smiled when they dropped back after failing to keep up with my pace. At the 30 K mark my time was 2 hrs 30min. When I looked around I saw runners limping, walking and others sitted on the road side contemplating what could have been. I was feeling strong and sure the finish line was on sight. The feeling was amazing!

Most runners after finishing a marathon are in much agony and they swear not to repeat it again. At the finish line I was in no doubt I will be back next year.

How to ensure you have fun

I reaped what I saw, four months of hard training ensured my lungs were in good condition, one annoying thing at the start was listening to the heavy panting of unfit runners. I had subjected my knees and ankles to the tough tarmac condition and on the D-day, it was just a normal day. If you have been training on a treadmill your ankles and knees will buckle under the hard tarmac.

If you want to have fun, train hard start training  4 months before the marathon, clock the weekly miles and make sure you run on tarmac to get strong ankles and knees. If you do that, a sweaty hot babe might even complement you “You seem to be having it so easy”

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