Hijack at Istanbul marathon

Posted: October 31, 2007 in marathon, marathon running

For a demonstration to make an impact you need a large crowd to turn up. Organizers of a protest in Turkey took full advantage of the mammoth crowd of marathon runners at Istanbul marathon on Sunday 28 October. They hijacked the Istanbul marathon to show support for the Turkish government tough stand against outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)


Thousands of runners waved Turkish flags and shouted slogans denouncing the PKK in the Istanbul Marathon. “Down with the PKK,” “every Turk is born a soldier” and “martyrs never die, the country will never the divided,” they shouted. More than 100,000 people joined the run, according to İstanbul Mayor Kadir Topba.


Back to the racing business, Kenyan athlete David Emanuel Cheruiyot won the 29th Istanbul  Marathon with a racecourse record. By surpassing last year’s winner Lithuanian Mindaguas Pukstas’ record, 2.12.52, Cheruiyot broke a new record by finishing the race in 2 hours 10 minutes and 56 seconds.


 Another Kenyan athlete, Mark Windot Yatich, came in second with his time of 2.11.02, while Ethiopian Tariku Jufar was third with 2.11.04. The male and female winners of the marathon each won $60,000. As the Kenyan athlete Cheruiyot broke the racecourse record, he was given an extra $170,000.

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