Marathon Bonding

Posted: October 26, 2007 in marathon

The fantastic thing about marathon is the number of new friends you make. In a world where the old sociel meeting points are dying and most of us turn to the internet, the running track is one sure place to hook up a new friend.

I have already arrived in Nairobi for  Nairobi marathon on Sunday, yersterday I went to have a look at the starting point outside the Nyayo National stadium.  Two pro looking athletes, a lady and a guy were running laps around the asphalt track. I walked to the red track and stepped on it, it was soft, it is the kind of surface you feel like you can run, run and run until you fall.

I wish my home town had an asphalt surface and I wouldnt have to run on grass.

Tight Security

The facility is guarded by one female security guard who informed me to train for a day you pay 1$. In preparation for the marathon security has been beefed up and there are more private security guards walking around the stadium.

Tough Job but content

One Jovial guard who introduced himself to me as Paul told me he is happy with the Job. He is spending the whole day just walking around the empty stadium and when his supervisor is not on sight he can steal a nap or smoke. At the end of the day he will get his salary for just hanging around.

This was not his dream job but lack of job opportunities forced him to become a security guard. He is ambitious, he plans to work as a guard for five years, save and move on to start his own business.

He disclosed to me secrets of the trade, he told me why the fierce guard dogs dont attack their handlers. Apparently, the handlers  wear clothes with special colour which are also sprayed with special chemical. This keep the beast away!


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