The Week Before a Marathon

Posted: October 25, 2007 in marathon, marathon training

Its 3 days to Nairobi Marathon and am getting excited.

In the last week to a marathon you cant do much training, because you want to save all your energy for the Marathon. Remember what I have always said, Resting is one way of preparing for a marathon.

Light training

In this last week, I did some light running around a track afterwards I iced my ankles to eliminating the nagging feeling. My diet has been rich in carbohydrates “Carbo load” carbohydrates is converted and stored as glycogen in our bodies. During running the glycogen is converted to energy  to power your running. Our bodies stores about 2000 calories of glycogen which is sufficient  to ensure you run for 30K.

I love running but soccer is my fist love

This was a football week, so I have stayed late watching soccer on TV. To compensate for going to bed late I have tried to get enough sleep by staying longer in bed.

With excitement comes sleep disturbance, yesterday I kept thinking about the marathon and this affected my sleep, I couldnt sleep. If you cant sleep, atleast try to have some rest by blocking your thoughts.

How to uncover hidden injury

Today morning I went for my final work out. I did a 1K run around a track then followed by 10 sprints over a distance of 60 meters.   My intention was to feel my legs and body. There was no negative reaction. A short intense workout before a marathon can help to uncover any injury on your ankle and knee that you might not have been aware of.

After 4  months of training I feel physically strong to run the 42K marathon. My goal is run under 3hrs.

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