Finishing A Marathon

Posted: October 23, 2007 in marathon, marathon running, Uncategorized

After finishing a marathon its important you stay in a standing position for a while, I know after a grueling 4 hours running the first thing you want is to sit down. Try to walk around to allow your heart rate come down to a resting heart rate.

It is still possible to overdrink water after the race has finished, and runners should take care not to overconsume water in the immediate hours after finishing the race. If you feel you have taken too much water, take some salt to restore sodium balance in your body.

I remember after the marathon any attempt to bend over left me feeling like vomiting even removing my electronic chip was a chore.

You will be low on sugar and feeling down the first foods to eat should be energy giving snacks and drinks. Take plenty of ice creams if you feel like eating have a biscuit or a cake they are rich in sugar.

It is normal to experience muscle soreness after a marathon.It causes a characteristic awkward walking style. This will disappear after a week.

Blisters on the feet and toes commonly only become painful after the race is over.It is common to only come to realize that there are injuries to the feet and knees after the marathon has finished. Its upto you as a runner to assess the extent of injuries to know which one might require a visit to a doctor. You can start your own first aid by icing the aching joints, remember heat should only be applied after inflammation has died down i.e. after 75 hours.

You should avoid bursting the blisters to avoid further infections.

The weeks after the marathon, consuming carbohydrates to replace glycogen stores and protein to aid muscle recovery is recommended. In addition, soaking the lower half of the body for 20 minutes or so in cold or ice water will force blood through the leg muscles to clean out the waste lactic acid that has built up. Recovery from these runs will be faster with these strategies.


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