Everyone a Winner at Amsterdam Marathon

Posted: October 23, 2007 in marathon, marathon running

The second fastest time this year in full marathon was recorded in32nd ING Amsterdam Marathon. Emmanuel Mutai proved to be the second fastest man this year, the 29 year old Kenyan won in 2:06:29. This year only Gebre Selassie of Ethiopia has ran a faster time when he set the New world record at Berlin Marathon.

The weather was near perfect, nothing like the horror of Chicago marathon. Mild Temperatures, nearly no wind and sun.

Everyone was a winner here

There was only one winner but many left feeling winners. The ideal weather circumstances in the Dutch capital allowed many runners to beat their personal best. Twenty one runners out of the first 26 finishers have never run the42K as fast as they did in Amsterdam.

Richard Limo was the favourite and Mutai was surprised of his win,

“I wanted to win but did not expect to win,” said Mutai, whose previous best was a modest 2:13:06 from Rotterdam in April. “I am very happy and did a good job.”

Belated Birthday Present

Dutchman Kamiel Maase gave himself, a day after his 37th birthday, a nice present finishing nineth with a new Dutch record of 2:08:21, bettering his old national record he also set in Amsterdam four years ago by exactly ten seconds.

Over 8000 runners took part in the Marathon while another 16,000 competed over the other two distances.


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