Raikonnen Pips Hamilton to F1 title

Posted: October 22, 2007 in Sports News

Its easier to be the hunter than the hunted. Kimi Raikonnen has been hunting Lewis Hamilton the whole season and finally the hunter slayed his prey in Brazil
Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen won his first Formula One drivers’ championship as Lewis Hamilton’s bid came to a dramatic end in the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Hamilton could finish only seventh, ending his attempt to make history by winning the title in his maiden season.

I watched the whole race on TV with Ice on my ankle joints, not that I was too nervous and I needed to calm my nerves but the Nairobi Marathon is one week away and I need to ensure my legs are 100% ready.

Nervous Moments

Am a big fan of the flying fin and I was firmly behind him. The only time my heart momentarily stopped was when there was a late twist when it emerged race officials were investigating the fuel used by Williams and BMW Sauber, whose cars filled fourth, fifth and sixth places.

Had they been disqualified, Hamilton would have moved up to fourth, giving him enough points to win the world title. The race officils decided not to punish the cars. 

Heikki Kovalainen, our marathon boy, who is running the New York on November 4th retired on lap 35 (Read his finishing time at 2007 New York marathon). Lets hope this wont dumpen his spirits for the marathon. The other marathon boy, Jarno Trulli, who has previously run the New York marathon in under 4 hrs, finished 8th after Hamilton.

Come Back Kid

Kimi Raikonnen has applied my philosophy of thinking ahead to win the title. The whole season he has been playing catch up to Hamilton. Trailing Lewis Hamilton by 26 points at one stage. If it was not a Maclaren Mercedes finishing ahead of him it was his Ferrari engine failing him. Finnish drivers are warriors by defination. Like Mika Hakinnen, Juha Kankunnen before him he kept fighting to the end.

Despite being behind to Maclaren, Amazingly the whole Ferrari crew believed they could win it.

“We weren’t in the strongest position at some points, but we always believed we could recover,” said Raikkonen.

“Even in the hard times we stuck together,” the Finn added. “I need to thank the team because we always worked hard to improve the situation.”

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